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    why hiring a run coach will be the best thing you ever do  - by Stride & Glory 🏆 

    The awesome benefits of hiring a run coach.

    Carl Wakeford - Nov 2022

    why hiring a run coach will be the best thing you ever do

    For me, running has always been about self-cognition and setting goals. I've always been able to run without ever having someone tell me what to do or how to do it. But after a few years of training for races, you begin to realise that there is a lot more to running than just showing up at the starting line and putting one foot in front of the other until you cross it again.

    Not only did my racing results take a hit when I didn't have someone guiding my training plan but also it just wasn't fun anymore—and that's what got me thinking about hiring a professional coach.

    It sounds like an expensive proposition at first glance but once you start seeing results with someone who knows what they're doing (and most importantly listens), there's no going back!

    A running coach will keep you accountable.

    A good running coach will not only make sure that your form is correct, but they'll also hold you accountable for sticking with a program and making progress. This can help keep you motivated by giving the support and encouragement needed to reach your goals.

    Whether it's losing weight, training for a marathon or just getting back into running after being sidelined by an injury, hiring a coach can make all the difference in helping get results.

    We also have a tendency to stick with what we know, and when times get tough, it's easy to remain within our comfort zone. To make progress, it is essential that you combat these things, which is exactly what a good coach is well positioned to help you do.

    A running coach will push you to your limits.

    When you work with a running coach, they will push you to your limits in a way that is manageable. A good coach will know what they are doing and how to do it so that their clients get the most out of their time together.

    If a runner is working with a coach that does not know what they're doing, then it can have negative consequences for both parties. The runner won't be able to reach their goals because of this lack of knowledge in the coaching field.

    That's why Stride & Glory is proud to have helped hundreds of people cross multiple finish lines, in multiple countries across the globe. The reason why hiring someone who knows their craft inside-out makes such an impact is because it changes your perspective on things.

    Having a professional cut straight to the point and slash through all the noise online to tell you exactly what you need to do to reach your goals is worth the money on its own. It saves an enormous amount of time, energy, and removes the guesswork.

    A running coach can change your perspective.

    A running coach can help you get out of your head. A good running coach will encourage you to stay present and not allow negative thoughts or worries about the future creep in.

    Stride & Glory helps all its members to set ambitious but achievable goals. Naturally, this comes with self-doubt. We have lots of experience helping our athletes navigate this, to enjoy the massive growth on the other side of the journey.

    A great running coach will make sure that you are thinking about things such as mindset, and the internal battles that limit your progress. They take away all distractions so that all you're left with is yourself, the ground beneath your feet and maybe some music playing in your ears because let's face it: sometimes we need music playing in our ears just so we don't go completely crazy while doing something as simple as breathing!

    A running coach will help you set realistic goals.

    A running coach will help you determine what it is that you want to achieve, and then set realistic goals for yourself. For example, if you are starting out with running and have no idea how to begin training or what workouts to do, Stride & Glory will help you by implementing a clear structure that will yield results in a matter of weeks.

    A good coach will be able to tell what kind of goals are realistic for someone at your stage of development as well as push those limits just enough so that they're not impossible but still challenging enough to keep them motivating.

    A running coach understands that not every run is going to be good.

    A running coach understands that not every run is going to be good—and that's okay. It's very common to beat yourself up over a 'bad' run, but if you have a training structure, and you're keeping within the designated intensities and session objectives, the 'bad' run mentality becomes a thing of the past, and they become a lot more infrequent.

    But even on those days, a good coach will encourage you to keep up with the routine. A bad run doesn't have to mean giving up on yourself and your goals; it just means recognising what went wrong and adapting accordingly next time around.

    A running coach won't let you quit on yourself.

    One of Stride & Glory's core values is perseverance. We keep going and maintain the objective. We're here to keep you accountable and motivated to work hard, even when life gets in the way. This level of accountability is incredibly valuable in helping runners reach their personal bests.

    A running coach will be there when you cross the finish line of your biggest races.

    Running is a solitary sport. While there are a number of benefits to running alone, it can also be extremely helpful to have a coach who understands the unique challenges that come with running.

    A good coach will help you get back on track when you feel like quitting and celebrate your success when you finish your biggest races. A running coach will also help keep you motivated throughout the entire training process, which can be especially difficult for those who don't see results or improvements as quickly as they'd like them to happen.

    A coach can work closely with their athlete so that each workout is tailored specifically for their needs, fitness level and goals for the future.

    A running coach will tell you to slow down.

    Approximately 80% of your training should be performed at an easy pace. Yeah, you read that right...

    This is why structure is so important, because it reduces fatigue, and enables you to perform in the 20% of sessions when it really counts.

    A lot of people tend to run too fast at the start of a run, which can be detrimental to your overall experience. Naturally, it's easy to give it the beans at the start of the run when we're fresh and ready to go. Unfortunately, this means that you're not actually running at a comfortable speed and are just using up all your energy right away.

    Self-discipline developed through training is therefore really important. A good running coach will help you find the right pace for your fitness level and goals so that every time out on foot is enjoyable as possible—not just something done as necessary training for something else later down the road!

    A running coach will teach you how to pace yourself during a race.

    Pacing is the most important aspect of any race, and it's also the hardest to master. When you're racing, your natural instinct is to push yourself as hard as possible—but this can lead to burnout or injury.

    Running coaching will teach you how to find a pace that allows you to maintain your energy throughout the entire race without overexerting yourself or 'hitting the wall'.

    A running coach can help you find the right shoes for your feet and your gait, which can prevent injuries and make sure you're comfortable while you run.

    Let's face it, buying running shoes is hard thanks to all the jargon out there and the unlimited options to choose from. Thankfully, Stride & Glory are running shoe geeks and we're able to advise you on the best shoes to buy!

    For example, retailers can't advertise if shoes are beneficial to runners with shin splints because it's a medical claim, but we can listen to your needs and make recommendations. You'll feel more comfortable, have fewer injuries and run faster with the right pair of running shoes.

    A running coach can help you find the right shoes for your feet and your gait, which can prevent injuries and make sure you're comfortable while you run.

    For many people, the idea of hiring a running coach is a scary one. If you're like me, the thought of paying someone else to tell you what to do and how to do it can be daunting. But my experience has shown that it's worth it—and here are three reasons why:

    ● Having someone who knows what they're doing in charge of helping you reach your goals makes it easier to stick with them and see them through. Coaches are experts on training plans and nutrition. They know how long each run should take and when exactly during your training schedule is the best time for an extra rest day or tempo run.

    ● A coach will keep you motivated throughout the duration of your training plan—a huge benefit since running isn't always fun! As someone who loves seeing progress on paper but often struggles with motivation in practice, I'd recommend finding a coach (like Stride & Glory) who can help keep things interesting by giving new ideas for workouts (or just check out our weekly blog posts for some inspiration).

    ● Most coaches have experience with setting realistic goals based on past performances; if not already having done so themselves, they've at least helped plenty of other athletes figure out their own expectations from working together over time.


    It's so exciting to see people reach their goals, whether it's finishing a race or earning a medal at the end of an event. I've been there with my clients, and I know how good it feels when you cross that finish line. That's why I want to help as many people as possible achieve their goals, whether they're running related or not!

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