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About us

About Stride & Glory

Stride & Glory is a community of movement enthusiasts. A team of incredible individuals just like you who celebrate fitness and welcome the grind each and every day. 



The Stride & Glory mission is to lead by example, and in doing so motivate others to challenge themselves to become fitter, stronger and more mentally resilient.



10% of all profits generated through this store will be donated to charity. Thank you for your purchases and your continued support.


Okay... But who is Stride & Glory?

Stride & Glory was founded by Carl, the running enthusiast behind it all. Carl is a rugby player, weightlifter, committed runner and now triathlete. His journey began on instagram in December 2020. Since building a following of like-minded people, he has entered into a 70.3 IM in Greece in October 2021. With the goal of achieving a competitive time, he has begun an intense training regime.

A 70.3 IM requires athletes to swim 1.2 miles followed by a 56 mile cycle and finished off with a 13.2 half marathon. Carl has his sights firmly set on completing a full IM in 2022.


Tried and tested.

All products have been tried and tested by runners and athletes.

Top service.

Being a good sportsman means putting other people first.


Every purchase supports the Stride & Glory community. Thank you.