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    Case Study: Callum - Overcoming Challenges, Achieving Personal Bests, and Making an Impact through Stride&Glory Coaching

    If Callum can do it, you can too...

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    Callum, a dedicated father and Director at a financial advisory firm in London, embarked on an extraordinary journey of personal growth and resilience when he joined Stride&Glory's marathon coaching program. While facing the challenges of his daughter's medical issues, Callum found solace and strength in running.

    Through his participation in the coaching program, Callum's fitness improved significantly, leading to remarkable personal bests and meaningful contributions to charity. This case study highlights Callum's inspiring progress and the transformative impact of Stride&Glory coaching.


    Callum faced the challenge of managing his responsibilities as a father and professional while coping with his daughter's medical issues. Seeking a positive outlet and a way to contribute to a cause close to his heart, Callum joined Stride&Glory's marathon coaching program, aiming to improve his fitness, raise funds for charity, and find strength in running during difficult times.


    Callum found the perfect solution in Stride&Glory's marathon coaching program, renowned for its ability to empower individuals and help them achieve their running goals. With experienced coaches dedicated to nurturing runners of all levels, Stride&Glory provided Callum with the support and structure he needed to excel as a runner and make a positive impact.


    Callum's journey with Stride&Glory's coaching program was marked by the implementation of key strategies designed to support his progress and empower him to make a difference:

    Tailored Training Plan: Callum received a personalized training plan that accounted for his fitness level, goals, and time constraints. The plan focused on gradually building his endurance and speed, preparing him for the demands of the Berlin Marathon.

    Resilience and Mental Strength: Stride&Glory's coaching program placed emphasis on mental resilience and strength. Callum's coach incorporated mindset training, visualization exercises, and techniques to help him stay focused, overcome challenges, and maintain a positive outlook.

    Fundraising for Charity: As part of his marathon journey, Callum undertook a fundraising initiative, raising over £10,000 for a charity close to his heart. This aspect of his journey added purpose and meaning to his training, further motivating him to achieve his goals and make a positive impact.

    Ongoing Support: Callum received unwavering support from his coach and the Stride&Glory community. Regular check-ins, progress assessments, and virtual support helped him stay motivated, overcome obstacles, and find strength in the collective spirit of the running community.


    Callum's commitment to his training and the guidance provided by Stride&Glory's coaching program led to remarkable achievements:

    Improved Fitness and Personal Bests: Callum's fitness levels dramatically improved, resulting in remarkable personal bests. His recent half marathon personal best of 1 hour and 45 minutes is a testament to his dedication and progress as a runner.

    Charitable Impact: Through his fundraising efforts, Callum raised over £10,000 for a deserving charity, making a meaningful contribution and positively impacting the lives of those in need.


    Callum's journey with Stride&Glory's marathon coaching program showcases the transformative power of running, resilience, and making a positive impact. Despite facing challenges with his daughter's medical issues, Callum found strength, solace, and personal growth through his participation in the coaching program.

    With improved fitness, remarkable personal bests, and a significant contribution to charity, Callum serves as an inspiration to others facing adversity. Stride&Glory continues to empower individuals like Callum, helping them achieve their running goals, find strength in challenging times, and make a positive impact in their communities.

    If Callum can do it, you can too...

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