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Embrace Fear. Unlock Your Potential.

    hard working professional...

    You don't have to sacrifice your health and athleticism for your professional success

    Join over 10,000 professionals committed to learning about the best tips and tricks to optimise their health, prioritise their athletic performance, and excel in their careers, all while upholding a strong personal life.

    Meet the Founder of Stride&Glory

    " The fact that you're reading this tells me that we share the same frustrations...

    Prioritising our physical and mental health, our fitness and athletic achievements, as well as a full time career on top of relationships and other commitments is HARD!

    It's utterly exhausting if you don't have the right support.

    And if you're like me, it means that tough decisions and sacrifices need to be made, which as leaders, often results in putting ourselves last.

    That's life, but if it starts to happen too often, the consequences can be severe. Performance starts to decline reducing productivity, enthusiasm, and the energy needed to be at our best.

    I created this newsletter to help a community of professionals just like you and I prioritise our mental and physical performance, so that we can live healthy and happy lives.

    I'll be sharing top tips and tricks to optimise your health, nourish your body, prioritise what's important, as well as the critical lessons learned from coaching hundreds of professionals all over the world across the marathon finish line.

    I hope you get a lot of value from joining this newsletter, and I welcome you to reply whenever you feel open to a chat. 

    Here's to taking ownership of our performance, and staying accountable together. "

    Rome marathon 2023 - Carl trained and paced CEO Nathan across his first marathon finish.