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Embrace Fear. Unlock Your Potential.

    Based on 70+ 5-Star Testimonials

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    Read below to learn about the program and join the High Striders Club.


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    do any of these sound familiar?

    • You don't have a training structure that guarantees you get faster and run further week on week.
    • You experience 'bad' training days where you feel you underperformed.
    • Entering races makes you nervous and you're unsure how to train properly.
    • You fear getting injured and you're eager to learn how to minimise the risk of setbacks.
    • You're not sure how to fuel properly when it comes to longer distance running. 
    • You don't know many people who share your enthusiasm for running and celebrating your wins.
    • You'd like others (especially those closest), to see you as physically and mentally fit; a motivated role model. 

    If you relate to any of these, there is a solution...

    join the high striders club

    A coaching community of motivated, value driven professionals, completing their dream races, from half to ultra marathon, and triathlon.

    High Striders Club Membership

    The ultimate 'level up in life' marathon coaching transformation.

    • 1-on-1 coaching from not one, but two highly experienced coaches eager to train you to unlock your full potential. £400pm
    • Receive personalised programming and the highest level of coaching support on the market with weekly 1-on-1 calls. £100pm
    • Access our exclusive training app bursting with resources with support and motivation from your fellow Stride&Glory athletes. Priceless

    Total Value £500pm

    Your price:
    Only £150pm

    There are only 5 spaces left before prices increase*

    *We increase prices for new joiners to safeguard our community numbers and provide excellent 1-on-1 support.

    • Build unwavering self-confidence and mental toughness as you progress from week to week. 
    • Nearly eliminate your risk of injury while building an outstanding base fitness and superior performance. 
    • Develop habits that will power you across the finish line and serve you for a lifetime.
    • Join today to unlock the following FREE bonuses:

      • Lifetime access to the High Striders Club Marathon Community with events, guest speakers, and new bonus courses added. £1000
      • Kickstarter fuelling package delivered to your door after joining. £50
      • London based members unlock 1 x FREE in-person coaching or PT session! £150
      • Entry into a very small raffle to win a guaranteed place to run the London Marathon! £2000
      • Bonus Value £3200


    Join High Striders Club

    protected by our marathon guarantee

    If you follow the program and don't achieve your target time or experience undeniably awesome results, we will work with you 1-on-1 for FREE until you do.

    We will also make a charitable donation to a charity of your choosing.

    rated excellent

    Based on 65+ 5 Star Testimonials


    Sarah after completing her first marathon in 3:30, running a Boston qualifier for her age group.

    hear from our head coach

    Hi, I'm Carl, founder of Stride&Glory - Running Coach, marathoner, ultra runner, 70.3 IronMan triathlete, and finance professional.

    I've always found getting good at running incredibly difficult and mentally testing. It's also normal to not have any friends or family that share your enthusiasm for running.

    99% of people have never run a half let alone a full marathon, that means statistically you won't know anyone who shares your enthusiasm for marathon training. That's why it can feel awfully lonely sometimes.

    That's why surrounding yourself with like-minded runners who are as enthusiastic about their progression as you are is essential for motivation and progress. 

    That's why I created the High Striders Club

    My team and I have now trained hundreds of professionals to run distances from half to ultra marathon in a fantastic time.

    We offer all of our experience along with a motivated community of professionals for you to join and unlock your running potential, for the long term.

    Join Now

    the high strider journey

    Here's an overview of what your journey in the High Striders Club will look like:


    Your journey starts with onboarding, where we learn all about your lifestyle, work life, and training goals. 

    During onboarding, you'll meet your coach and be inducted into the program.

    We'll start working on your personalised training program taking into account all the essentials. We'll then discuss it with you and explain the objectives for the first month.


    Our coaching team will work with you to ensure your program is achievable but ambitious.

    Everything can be changed to find the right balance, from the weekly structure to the individual workouts and difficulty.

    It's important that we work together to create the perfect program that will set you up for success. We don't do off the shelf or one size fits all programs.



    Once you've found your flow, we then focus on building your base and bringing in more advanced techniques. This is when you'll start to notice dramatic changes in your fitness, strength, and confidence.

    Not only will you feel prepared for your next race, but you'll be worlds apart ability wise from when you first joined.

    for the high striders

    This program is ideally suited to professionals who want to improve their running and build a lifestyle around athletic and professional achievement.

    We are seeking value driven members, who are wanting to invest in their long-term development with a community of like-minded runners while receiving world-class coaching.

    The program is tailored to your current ability level, and our coaching team will train you to unlock your potential, whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced runner.

    meet the coaches

    Head Coach
    Carl Wakeford, ACA

    70.3 IM & Ultra Runner
    BSc Biomedical Science

    Resilience Coach
    Phil Bowmaker

    Ex Para, Marathoner
    100 Mile Ultra Runner
    Father & Dog Owner

    stride by stride

    We have a limited capacity to prioritise the coaching support we offer to our members. Secure your space today.