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    Case Study: Nathan - Overcoming Doubt and Achieving Marathon Success through Stride&Glory Coaching

    If Nathan can do it, you can too...

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    Nathan, a senior executive at a London recruitment firm, embarked on a transformative journey of personal growth and athletic achievement when he joined Stride&Glory's marathon coaching program at the end of 2021.

    Overcoming his lack of confidence and criticism from others, Nathan defied the odds and achieved remarkable success as a runner. This case study highlights Nathan's inspiring progress, showcasing how Stride&Glory coaching empowered him to conquer his doubts and complete marathons.


    When Nathan initially joined Stride&Glory's marathon coaching program, he faced significant hurdles. Not being a runner previously, he lacked confidence in his ability to complete a marathon.

    Furthermore, criticism from friends added to his self-doubt, creating additional challenges on his path to marathon success. Nathan sought a coaching program that could help him develop both physically and mentally while providing the guidance and support he needed to overcome these obstacles.


    At the end of 2021, Nathan joined Stride&Glory's marathon coaching program, a renowned initiative known for its ability to empower individuals to achieve their running goals. With experienced coaches dedicated to nurturing runners of all levels, Stride&Glory became Nathan's chosen platform for transforming his doubts into triumphs.


    Stride&Glory's coaching program provided Nathan with a comprehensive training plan that addressed both his physical and mental development. Through personalized guidance and support from his coach, Nathan's training journey included the following key elements:

    Gradual Progression: Recognizing Nathan's initial lack of running experience, his training plan was structured to ensure gradual progression, allowing him to build endurance and strength over time. This approach helped him develop a solid foundation for marathon running.

    Mental Resilience Building: Nathan's coach incorporated mental resilience exercises into his training program, helping him overcome self-doubt and criticism. Techniques such as positive self-talk, visualization, and goal-setting played a crucial role in bolstering Nathan's confidence and focus.

    Nutrition and Recovery Strategies: Stride&Glory provided Nathan with expert guidance on nutrition, emphasizing the importance of fueling his body properly for optimal performance.

    Additionally, recovery strategies were implemented to ensure Nathan's body remained healthy and injury-free throughout his training journey.

    Personalized Support: Nathan received ongoing support and encouragement from his coach and the Stride&Glory community. Regular check-ins, progress assessments, and communication channels allowed Nathan to stay motivated and receive guidance whenever he faced challenges.


    Nathan's commitment to his training and the support he received from Stride&Glory's coaching program resulted in significant achievements:

    Marathon Success: Despite initially lacking confidence and receiving criticism from his peers, Nathan completed both the Rome and London marathons in 2023. These accomplishments showcased his remarkable progress as a runner and his ability to conquer his doubts.

    Personal Growth: Beyond the physical achievements, Nathan experienced significant personal growth. Through the guidance of Stride&Glory coaching, he transformed his doubts into determination, proving to himself and others that he was capable of achieving his goals.

    Nathan's newfound confidence extended beyond running, positively impacting his professional and personal life.


    Nathan's journey with Stride&Glory's marathon coaching program serves as a powerful example of overcoming doubt and achieving success. Through the guidance of experienced coaches and a supportive community, Nathan transformed from a non-runner with limited confidence to a marathon finisher.

    His completion of the Rome and London marathons showcases the strength of his dedication and the effectiveness of Stride&Glory's coaching program. Nathan's journey inspires others to believe in their own potential and overcome obstacles in pursuit of their goals, both in running and in life. Stride&Glory continues to empower individuals like Nathan, helping them unlock their true potential and achieve extraordinary feats.

    If Nathan can do it, you can too...

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