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    Case Study: Ryan - Building Healthy Habits and Achieving Marathon Success with Stride&Glory Coaching

    If Ryan can do it, you can too...

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    Ryan, a marketing director based in London, embarked on a transformative journey of personal growth and fitness when he joined Stride&Glory's marathon coaching program. Prior to the birth of his newborn son Noah, Ryan sought to build healthy habits and set a positive example for his growing family.

    Through his dedication, Ryan not only achieved remarkable success as a marathon runner but also became an inspiration as a father, husband, and professional. This case study highlights Ryan's inspiring progress and the transformative impact of Stride&Glory coaching.


    Before joining Stride&Glory's marathon coaching program, Ryan faced the challenge of establishing healthy habits while balancing the demands of his professional life and impending fatherhood. With the desire to lead a healthier lifestyle and create positive habits, Ryan sought a coaching program that could guide him through the process of training for a marathon while providing the support he needed to succeed.


    Ryan found the perfect solution in Stride&Glory's marathon coaching program, known for its ability to empower individuals and help them achieve their running goals. With experienced coaches dedicated to nurturing runners of all levels, Stride&Glory provided the framework Ryan needed to build healthy habits and excel as a runner.


    Ryan's journey with Stride&Glory's coaching program was designed to support his overall well-being while guiding him towards marathon success. The implementation of the coaching program included the following key elements:

    Goal-Oriented Training: Ryan's personalized training plan focused on preparing him for the London Marathon. The plan encompassed progressive training sessions, building his endurance and speed gradually, while considering his busy schedule.

    Balancing Work and Family Life: Stride&Glory's coaching program helped Ryan strike a balance between his professional responsibilities and family life. Through effective time management and scheduling, Ryan was able to prioritize his training without compromising his commitment to his role as a father and husband.

    Mental Resilience and Motivation: Ryan's coach incorporated mental resilience exercises and motivation strategies into his training program. These techniques helped him stay focused, maintain a positive mindset, and overcome challenges along the way.

    Supportive Community: Stride&Glory provided Ryan with access to a supportive community of fellow runners. This community fostered camaraderie, provided encouragement, and served as a valuable source of inspiration throughout his training journey.


    Ryan's commitment to his training and the guidance provided by Stride&Glory's coaching program led to remarkable achievements:

    Marathon Success: Ryan completed the London Marathon at the end of 2022, achieving an impressive time of 3 hours and 38 minutes. His dedication and hard work paid off, resulting in a strong performance and personal accomplishment.

    Healthy Habits and Inspiration: Beyond marathon success, Ryan's journey inspired those around him, including his family, colleagues, and peers. By prioritizing his well-being and setting an example through his dedication to healthy habits, Ryan became an inspirational figure as a father, husband, and professional.


    Ryan's journey with Stride&Glory's marathon coaching program exemplifies the transformative power of setting and achieving personal goals. Through the guidance of experienced coaches and the supportive framework provided by the coaching program, Ryan built healthy habits, achieved marathon success, and became an inspiration to those around him.

    His dedication to balancing work, family, and fitness showcases the importance of holistic well-being and setting a positive example. Stride&Glory continues to empower individuals like Ryan, helping them build healthy habits, achieve remarkable feats, and inspire others along the way.

    If Ryan can do it, you can too...

    Become an inspirational marathon runner with coaching from Stride&Glory™

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