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New Training Programs launch Jan 2022!

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Personalised Training Plan

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Training plans are most effective when they're personalised to you and your goals.

By purchasing the Personalised Training Plan package, you can tell me what your exact goals, wants and wishes are. I will then design a personalised training plan for you. Moreover, you'll receive free ongoing support with your training plan! 

What's included?

  1. Phone call with Stride & Glory to discuss your goals.
  2. Personalised training plan specific to your goals (up to 12 weeks).
  3. Nutrition planning specific to you and your goals.
  4. Explanation of all of the training types, why they're important and how they'll help you achieve your goals.
  5. One revision if you require any changes.
  6. Ongoing support with your training plan.

Tried and tested.

All products have been tried and tested by runners and athletes.

Top service.

Being a good sportsman means putting other people first.


Every purchase supports the Stride & Glory community. Thank you.