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Embrace Fear. Unlock Your Potential.

    about Stride & Glory

    Stride&Glory exists to help men and women build mental and physical resilience.

    We're on a mission to create 10,000 marathon runners. It doesn't matter whether that's half, full, ultra, or what might be considered a marathon in your eyes. It's about the pursuit of a more resilient self, and embracing discomfort.

    Our coaching programs don't just focus on training people to cross the finish line or hit a specific goal, they focus heavily on achieving personal and professional lifestyle balance, self-confidence, and all-round resilience.

    Stride & Glory values


    We are open and honest. We are guided by our strong moral compass. We also expect this from who we choose to interact with. 


    We are what we repeatedly do. You can rely on Stride&Glory to act professionally and support you no matter what.


    When stress, adversity or trauma strikes, Stride & Glory will adapt, and continue to function with positivity and optimism. 


    We press on through hard times and maintain the objective.