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    The Best asics Running Shoes 2022 - Reviewed by Stride & Glory 🏆 

    A guide for anyone looking to buy a new pair of ASICS running shoes - Published September 2022

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    asics running shoes

    Asics is one of the most popular running shoe brands, and it’s clear to see why. The Japanese company ASICS is renowned for creating incredibly comfortable and well-fitting running shoes.

    Substandard or non-running shoes will dampen your running experience and can even cause knee pain and other joint issues. Therefore, we recommend choosing the best running shoes from Asics.

    This post has compiled a list of the top ASICS running shoes for 2022, to give you a clear, concise review of the chosen shoe types and each one's unique advantages. After reading the review, you should find it easier to choose the appropriate pair of ASICS running shoes.

    About the author

    Hi, I'm Carl (aka 'Stride & Glory') and I'm a London based Running & Resilience Coach. Like most runners, I'm obsessed with running shoes. I hope you find this ASICS running shoe guide helpful! 

    P.S. The links in this article are affiliate links, so if you do click on them and choose to purchase a swanky new pair of shoes, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps to support my small business, thanks!

    Best ASICS Running Shoes (click to skip)

    • ASICS GEL-Nimbus Lite 3
    • Gel Nimbus 24
    • Asics NovaBlast 2
    • Asics Glideride 2
    • Asics Excite 9
    • Asics Gel Kayano 28
    • Asics Gel GT 2000
    • Asics Gel GT 1000

    ASICS GEL-Nimbus Lite 3


    • Best for longer miles
    • Durable and long-lasting
    • Comfortable and rubbery bottom
    • Value for money
    • Good for the planet


    • Reported to feel a little compact under foot

    ASICS GEL-Nimbus Lite 3

    A light, fluffy, and springy cushioning is provided by the ASICS GEL-Nimbus Lite 3 for gentle landings and fluid transitions.

    Soft GEL cushions in the heel and forefoot of the Nimbus Lite 3 allow for gentle heel impacts. The redesigned GEL cushion works with ASICS FlyteFoam technology for a smooth, energizing ride.

    The Nimbus Lite 3 was made by ASICS using recycled materials, allowing you to go quickly while having a reduced environmental impact.

    A byproduct of sugarcane manufacturing, cellulose nanofiber, is used to make the midsole foam. The nanofiber provides superior cushioning, which also outlasts conventional foam compositions in terms of durability. The top mesh covered your foot in lightweight comfort and was also created with recycled plastic water bottles.

    Buy ASICS Gel Nimbus Lite 3

    Gel Nimbus 24


    • Breathable design
    • Smooth ride
    • Lightweight
    • Affordable


    • Not as fast as other shoes.

    The details: Gel Nimbus 24

    The Gel-Nimbus is a neutral shoe made for covering long distances and has been a staple in the Asics collection for more than a decade. The most recent model has been modified to reduce weight—by 0.7 ounces for men and 0.5 ounces for women—while keeping a forgiving feel and ride.

    The revised mesh upper includes a knit tongue that loops around and supports your foot in addition to larger openings at the forefoot for improved ventilation. For cushioning propulsion, the midsole combines the recognisable Gel technology with FlyteFoam and the new, lighter FlyteFoam Blast Plus.

    The Asics Lite outsole rubber contributes to even more weight reductions while maintaining durability. The Gel-Nimbus Lite 3 gives a lively and less soft sensation underfoot and is even more lightweight.

    Buy ASICS Gel Nimbus 24

    Asics NovaBlast 2


    • Suitable for speedy running
    • Not too heavy
    • Airy material


    • A bit expensive

    The details: Asics NovaBlast 2

    Most brands have overdone the max-cushion concept, so the Novablast isn't a novel idea. However, it's encouraging to see Asics approach this form factor from a Flytefoam perspective.

    Additionally, the Novablast boasts a soft and deep cushioning that excels during long runs, just like any other running shoe in its category. The semi-rocker midsole has a good deal of spring, which gives the runner a forward-biased transition quality.

    The Novablast 2 is distinct from, for example, a Hoka One One because of the 10 mm heel-to-toe offset. Asics' specialty is a greater midsole drop, which is how they view the max-cushioning form factor.

    Even though jogging in the Novablast V2 is a nice experience, there are a few things to note.

    The comparatively narrow back midsole and deep groove negatively impact the total stability. The midsole cushioning and support levels are comparable to the V1 despite the midsole and outsole being changed for the V2.

    The Nova performs admirably in straight lines on paved ground, but it seems unsupported when making tight curves or the rare off-road excursion.

    If the quirks don't bother you, have fun with the Novablast 2—it's a great running shoe for short and long runs.

    Buy ASICS Gel Novablast 2

    Asics Glideride 2


    • Roomy inner
    • Absorbs foot strike well
    • Durable material
    • Overall value for money


    • Weight is heavier than you might expect

    The details: Asics Glideride 2

    Due to the internal plate in the midsole of the Glideride 2, it is safe to conclude that the shoe has a fairly bouncy ride. However, the springboard quality that distinguishes distinct midsoles with integrated plates is not the focus of this shoe.

    The stiffer layer and rocker midsole, in this case of the Nylon plate, help the foot roll through the gait cycle effectively. Throughout sessions, the plate is invisible but operationally useful in the background.

    As a padded trainer for moderate speeds, the GlideRide 2 has a strong argument for itself. Most lengthy runs are comfortable because of the ride's softness. The interior plate keeps the foam stack from bottoming out and makes it excellent at absorbing foot-strike.

    The shoe is also appropriate for mid/forefoot strikers because of its 5 mm heel-to-toe offset and lack of a heel overhang. The inside is exactly the appropriate amount of space without being overly wide, and the soft top fits well.

    Buy ASICS Glideride 2

    Asics Excite 9


    • Budget-friendly
    • Provides better value and comfort than its predecessor
    • Foam cushioning
    • Comfortable for longer runs


    • Some feedback states that the build material doesn't feel as high quality as other ASICS shoes.

    The details: Asics Excite 9

    Not in the mood to splash out on the newest Flytefoam wonders?

    Despite its name, the Gel-Excite 9 isn't especially exciting, but it does the job if you're looking for a cheap daily trainer.

    The Excite 8's design draws inspiration from the more costly versions, in contrast to the $10 less priced Contend 7. That holds true for the contoured midsole and innovative mesh upper.

    Despite not using Flytefoam EVA, the midsole's curved sides follow Asics's new color scheme. The Excite appears more costly than the Contend 7, which is very good and has a comparable ride. We choose to highlight Excite 8 above the Contend for this reason.

    Additionally, Asics did a terrific job with the upper. The foot is held firmly by the form-fitting exterior, which also looks attractive. There is a lot of foam cushioning on the tongue and heel.

    Buy ASICS Excite 9

    Asics Gel Kayano 28

    The details

    The shoe series with the stiffer medial post has been around the longest. The midsole wedge design is less overt these days than it formerly was.

    Additionally, Asics hasn't eliminated the medial post for the Kayano 28 as they did with the GT-2000 10. The inner midsole's stiffer "Duomax" component is still there despite the midsole being softer than previously.

    The Kayano 28 exhibits the expected modest motion control characteristic of conventional stability shoes.

    The midsole has seen some alterations, though. Now, the plastic shank rises to approach the feet. The new footbridge and its slanted shape enhance the transitional feel by providing a firmer platform for the foot.

    The Kayano 28 feels more comfortable on the feet than the Kayano 27 since the foam has been somewhat softened. The Kayano 28 is best utilized as a daily runner or for sporadic long-distance training at easy paces because it weighs only 11 ounces.

    The top is made of high-quality fabrics to produce a cosy foot covering. The sizing fits true to size, and the Kayano is available in a wide and extra wide.

    Buy ASICS Gel Kayano 28

    Asics Gel GT 2000


    • Comfortable cushioning
    • Snug fit
    • Highly flexible
    • Good value for money


    • The design feels a bit outdated

    the details: Asics Gel GT 2000

    Even if you don't consider yourself a running shoe nerd, you may have heard a fleeting mention of the GT-2000.

    The GT-2000 was a safe bet in the classic stability shoe category for a very long period. The Kayano's stiffer medial post was replaced by one softer in the padded midsole.

    However, the storied GT-2000 isn't immune to the adjustments in the quickly changing running shoe sector. The V10 no longer features a plastic shank in the midsole or Asics' "Duomax" medial post.

    The GT-2000 10 still includes a stiffer (but smaller) portion of foam in the midsole, so the medial posting market isn't entirely gone.

    While less flexible than the 9, the Flytefoam midsole still provides enough support. The revised outsole makes the ride more comfortable, making the transitions more seamless. You may read our in-depth evaluation of this shoe for more information.

    It's simple to summarise the GT-2000 10. It is an everyday functional trainer with comfortable cushioning and a snug fit.

    Buy ASICS Gel GT 2000



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    Asics Gel GT 1000


    • Best for those with a tight budget
    • Mildly supporting
    • Not too heavy
    • Airy material


    • There are some compromises due to the low price

    the details: Asics Gel GT 1000

    The fit and feel of this $100 stability trainer have seen major advancements from Asics over time. As a result, the GT-1000 11 is not only a great value but also an economic support shoe.

    A visible Gel window was introduced in the total redesign of the GT-1000 10's appearance and materials last year.

    This improvement makes the GT-1000 an ideal complement to the more costly GT-2000 because earlier iterations of the GT-1000 lacked this trim. The GT-1000 11 offers a practically balanced ride and is a solid option for stability shoes. The riding character does not noticeably feel like it is being controlled by the little medial post. The ride comfort is adequate for mid-distance exercises because the cushioning isn't too harsh.

    Buy ASICS Gel GT 1000

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