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    Resilience Coach
    Phil bowmaker

    "Let's dance, baby!"

    - Phil B as he lined up on the start line of a 110 mile ultra endurance event...

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    Meet Stride&Glory Resilience Coach - Phil

    Phil is an exceptional marathon coach and a valued member of the Stride&Glory team. With an international footprint, Stride&Glory is renowned for its comprehensive coaching program that has empowered countless runners worldwide to conquer the marathon distance.

    Phil's impressive background as an ex British Army Paratrooper, combined with his personal achievements in marathons and ultra marathons, make him a remarkable coach with a wealth of experience and expertise.

    Having served as a Paratrooper in the British Army, Phil's training instilled in him a deep sense of discipline, determination, and mental fortitude. These qualities seamlessly transferred to his passion for marathon running and coaching. Phil's unique perspective as a military veteran enables him to understand the importance of perseverance, teamwork, and pushing one's limits to achieve remarkable results.

    An expert in mental and physical resilience

    Phil's personal accomplishments in endurance sports are a testament to his dedication and love for the sport. He has completed multiple marathons and ultra marathons, showcasing his ability to tackle the most demanding distances and terrains. Notably, he recently conquered a grueling 110-mile ultra, further demonstrating his mental and physical strength as an athlete.

    In addition to his coaching expertise, Phil is also a loving father, with a toddler and another child on the way. His experience of balancing family responsibilities with his passion for running allows him to connect with and understand the challenges faced by athletes who juggle various roles in their lives. Phil's empathy, patience, and personable nature make him a relatable and understanding coach, providing a supportive and encouraging environment for his clients.

    Phil's love for running extends beyond the coaching realm. He often enjoys hitting the trails with his faithful running companion, his dog. This shared love for running with his four-legged friend adds an element of joy and camaraderie to his training and coaching sessions. Phil believes in the power of building strong relationships with his clients, and his friendly and approachable nature helps create a supportive community where runners can thrive.

    Thrives on witnessing the transformative journey of clients

    As a marathon coach at Stride&Glory, Phil is deeply committed to helping runners of all levels achieve their marathon goals. Whether it's a first-time marathoner or an experienced runner aiming to improve their performance, Phil's coaching style is tailored to meet individual needs and aspirations.

    His coaching sessions encompass not only physical training but also mental preparation, guidance on nutrition, and strategies for injury prevention, ensuring a holistic approach to the athlete's development.

    Phil's dedication, combined with his diverse background, makes him a highly respected coach within the running community. He thrives on witnessing the transformative journey of his clients, celebrating their achievements, and helping them overcome obstacles.

    Phil's genuine passion for running, coupled with his military background, allows him to inspire and motivate runners to push beyond their limits and realize their full potential.

    An all-round brilliant bloke!

    As a key member of the Stride&Glory coaching team, Phil continues to make a profound impact on the lives of runners worldwide. His dedication, friendly demeanor, and unwavering support empower athletes to overcome challenges, embrace their journey, and cross the marathon finish line with pride and joy.

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